Markus Schulz’s Essential 10 Tracks for Open to Close Solo Set at Pacha Sydney

13 February, 2017
Markus Schulz’s Essential 10 Tracks for Open to Close Solo Set at Pacha Sydney

Saturday 25th Feb we bring trance superstar Markus Schulz to Pacha Sydney with a very special open til close set!

Over the last 10 years Markus has crafted the individual musical identities of progressive, trance & house into his own unique hybrid sound. Through his natural audience interaction, unparalleled tune selection and now famous open-till-close sets, he has wowed crowds all over the globe. 

He has DJ'ed at some of the largest festivals and events, including: Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, Ultra Music Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, Monster Massive, Together As One, Nature One, Dance Valley, Love Parade, Global Gathering, Creamfields, ETD Pop, Trance Energy. 

Markus has taken the time out of his busy schedule to send us his essential top 10 tracks to get you in the mood.

1. Markus Schulz presents Dakota & Koen Groeneveld - Mota-Mota

My output in 2017 will be defined by the return to prominence of my Dakota alias, with a special audio and visual presentation at select events entitled The Nine Skies. Mota-Mota is the first single from the project, and I am delighted to have collaborated with Koen Groeneveld for the piece; as he is one of the great influences on my love for the techno genre. It has been going down a storm since New Year's Eve, and hope it does in Sydney too.

2. Pryda - Lillo

I'm a huge admirer of Eric Prydz's work and his tribute to recently deceased fan James Lillo is so beautiful and touching. The melody is so powerful, and it's one of those incredible tracks that you can play early into a journey and make people feel that they are in for a special night. An early contender for track of 2017.

3. Cosmic Gate - Halo

This is taken from their newly released album Materia, and I think it could go down as one of their best ever productions in their long established history. It has that distinguishable dark Cosmic Gate bassline, but when the break hits and the melody builds, it leads to a fantastic cresendo. 

4. Dave Neven - Darkside

I debuted this at the Transmission festival in Prague a few months ago and it has been one of the biggest tracks in my sets since. It is peak hour Coldharbour, and Dave is quickly carving out a reputation for delivering high quality. People refer to his sound as "darklifting", and that's quite appropriate. It's dark in nature but touches the soul in an uplifting way.

5. Markus Schulz featuring Brooke Tomlinson - In the Night (4 Strings Remix)

In the Night quickly became the biggest fan favorite from my Watch the World album, which is either inspiring or worrying considering its tag as "Markus' Stalker Anthem Number Three"! The 4 Strings boys have been on a brilliant run over the past twelve months, and their sound applies perfectly to the melody and Brooke's vocal. Really looking forward to playing this one.

6. Daxson - Skygarden

Another one that was debuted at Transmission, and will mark upcoming talent Dan Dobson's debut on Coldharbour. I fell in love with that break when I heard it for the first time, and it has acted as a brilliant opener when playing regular club sets. It's raw, aggressive and uplifting combined into one, and a certainty for the chaos portion of the night.

7. Cristoph - Alone

I was digging deep through Beatport just after Christmas, when preparing for my solo set at Avalon in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve, and came across this gem. The bassline is so infectious and that vocal is hypnotic. It's one of those tracks that can work perfectly either in the warmup or afterhours portions of a solo set, and is a big favorite on Global DJ Broadcast for the past month.

8. Arkham Knights - Awakening

I have tipped Arkham Knights to be one of the next big things in the scene and for good reason. The brotherly duo from the UK have carved a brilliant fusion of tech and trance that I feel hasn't been as prominent in the scene since Tiesto in his trance heyday. Awakening is an absolute monster; very dark and brooding, and have loved playing it out in the clubs in recent weeks.

9. Modular Punk - Dear Kate

This is one of the quintessential rabbithole anthems in my livesets for around 18 months now. It's actually quite a few years old and I wish I had discovered it a lot earlier, but when I did I was hooked immediately. Another one of those basslines that just grabs your conscience and won't let go. It has become a big fan favorite for the afterhours portion of the solo set.

10. Markus Schulz featuring Justine Suissa - Perception

The final hour or two of the solo set is the sunrise and a reflection towards classics, and I am very proud that the fans regard this as one now, because it means so much to me personally. The original Cass & Slide version of Perception is my favorite trance track of all time - the one I wish I could have made myself. So to have had their blessing to do a tribute with a remake, and have the incredible Justine Suissa on vocals, will forever be a career highlight. Playing the original as the sun comes up is magical.